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Pet Insurance

Helps you cover veterinary expenses so you can provide your pets with the best care possible—without worrying about the cost.

Here's what you need to know

This plan reimburses you for your eligible veterinary visits and other pet healthcare expenses, helping make quality care for your pet more affordable for your budget.  


With My Pet Protection® from Nationwide®, you get cash back for a percentage of the cost of your pet’s medical needs. Choose between 2 reimbursement options when you sign up: 50% or 70% of eligible vet costs.1 With both of these options, you can be reimbursed up to $7,500 per year after you’ve paid a $250 deductible. 


Coverage includes costs associated with:


  • Accidents like broken bones, sprains, lacerations, and poisoning
  • Illnesses like allergies, ear infections, arthritis, and cancer
  • Diagnostics, surgeries, hospitalization, and more


These examples are just a few of the hundreds of specific conditions covered by the plan.


Additional perks once you enroll:


  • Take your pet to any licensed veterinarian, specialist or ER in the United States (no looking up networks)
  • Your pets are even covered when you are with them - no matter where you go
  • In addition to coverage being available for dogs and cats, you can explore plans for birds and other exotic pets


There is far more covered than not covered, but there are limitations. See your policy documents for more details.

Your pet is a member of your family, and you don’t want to postpone or avoid care for them because the bill will break your budget. That’s why this pet insurance option – a comprehensive plan at an affordable price – is a great solution. 


This coverage can be essential for any pet owner who wants to keep their pet in good health and top shape with routine visits to the vet. And it can be even more essential if your pet develops a chronic illness or is involved in a serious accident. Once you enroll, you can enjoy:


  • Flexibility: Plans are licensed in all 50 states
  • Savings: Receive discounts when enrolling multiple pets - up to 10%2
  • Dependability: With Nationwide, you’re backed by one of the largest and most trusted financial services companies in the world


When you have My Pet Protection, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your beloved pet can see their favorite vet and that you can afford the treatment, tests, and prescriptions they deserve to get well.

You can enroll anytime! 

How It Works

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Enroll your pet(s) in coverage 

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Visit any vet, anywhere 

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Submit your claim

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Get reimbursed for eligible expenses

Your dog’s energy levels suddenly drop and he stops eating.

Thank goodness for your pet insurance

After visiting the vet, you learn your pet ate something they weren’t supposed to and needs surgery. The surgery is successful, and after submitting a claim, you’re reimbursed up to 70% for the eligible bills associated with the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is the provider?



    Nationwide was the first company to recognize the importance of pets as valuable family members with medical care needs when they introduced pet insurance in 1982. Today, they are America’s #1 pet insurer. 

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  • Who in my family can use this program?

    While the program is only available for you to sign up through your employer, you can get quotes for all of your furry family members and even exotic pets, too.
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  • How much does this coverage cost?

    This benefit was created just for team members: preferred pricing is offered only through your company. Monthly costs for new enrollments depend on your pet’s breed and age, the type of coverage selected, and your ZIP code.
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  • What if my employment status changes?

    Good news! If you leave or retire from your current employer, you can continue your coverage without interruption (subject to applicable law and the plan’s terms and conditions). Although payroll deduction will no longer be available, you can opt for other payment methods such as direct bank account deduction, credit card billing or home billing. Higher rates may apply. 
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  • Are there other benefits included with this plan?

    Every My Pet Protection® policy also includes these additional benefits:


    • Emergency boarding
    • Lost pet advertising and reward expense
    • Discounts on pet products and services
    • Newsletter
    • Online support
    • Benefit paid if your pet is stolen
    • Death benefit paid to help with cremation or burial
    • Preferred pricing on pet prescriptions at any in-store Walmart or Sam’s Club Pharmacy


    24/7 vethelpline® Access


    • The vethelpline® is available 24/7 for live veterinarian guidance on everything from general questions to identifying urgent care needs—because early detection is crucial for preventing small problems from becoming big ones.
    • Members can contact the vethelpline® at 1-855-331-2833
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  • When would my coverage start?

    Applications approved between the 1st and the 15th of the month become effective on the 1st of the following month. Applications approved from the 16th through the end of the month become effective on the 1st of not the following month, but the month thereafter. 



    • May 1 approval = June 1 effective date 
    • May 16 approval = July 1 effective date
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  • How do I file a claim? How does my veterinarian receive payment?

    It’s easy. Simply pay your vet bill and then send Nationwide a claim for reimbursement via mail, email or online. 


    Please allow 48 hours from the time you submit your claim for it to appear online.

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  • What if my pet currently has an illness?

    Any illness or injury your pet had before your coverage started is called a pre-existing condition. While no pet insurer covers pre-existing conditions, the good news is that Nationwide doesn’t permanently exclude all such conditions. If you have medical records from your vet showing that your pet’s condition has been cured for at least 6 months, you may be able to get that pre-existing condition covered. 
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  • Can my coverage be canceled because of how many claims I make or how old my pet gets?

    No. As long as you keep your policy continually in force (don’t let it lapse or expire), your pet cannot be dropped or your insurance canceled for any reason – including a pet’s age or the number of claims you make.
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  • Do I need to provide my pet’s medical records to get this coverage?

    Not always. Sometimes medical records are needed for clarification to ensure you receive all the benefits available under your plan.

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  • Legal Disclaimers

    1Some exclusions may apply. Certain coverages may be excluded due to pre-existing conditions. See policy documents for a complete list of exclusions.


    2Discount on base plans only and may vary by state.


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